Going? Going? Go Green Expo!

Stuart from Ecoflo and Neville from Bokashi NZ, our local distributor, exhibited our line of Nature Loo composting toilets for the first time at this year's Wellington expo. Based on the reaction we received from visitors it was clear that this was also the first time many people have had the chance to see a composting toilet that wasn't a bucket AND didn't cost buckets of cash either.

The Go Green Expo is New Zealand's largest organic and sustainable living show (www.gogreenexpo.co.nz/). It's a great opportunity to browse selected, genuine eco-brands from around NZ.

If you missed us this year be sure to attend the next event in a town closest to you.

The Nature Loo composting toilet's are always on display at Bokashi NZ's office. Click here to see their details.

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