Public Toilets – why an eco friendly alternative is needed

The average water-saving toilet uses approximately 3 litres of water for a half flush (source). Now that stat on it’s own doesn’t give you much food for thought. Let’s put that into perspective, shall we? An average plastic bucket holds approx 9 litres. If you only flushed your toilet once a day, how many buckets do you think that would be?

It’s 121 buckets. If you filled 121 buckets and put them in an average Australian lounge room that would fill more than half that space – from one toilet, only flushed once per day.

This means you would only need 82 homes to fill your average swimming pool every year with the perfectly usable, clean water that gets flushed down these toilets. I live on a very short street, and there are still 40 homes on it. That means I would only have to get two of my local streets to flush their toilets once less every day and we could collectively save a swimming pool of water every year.

How much water do public toilets use?

Now that you’ve got an understanding of how much water a toilet can use, did you know there’s almost 19,000 public restrooms (source) Australia wide? These public restrooms put a considerable strain on our limited and precious water resources. Given that the average non-residential toilet is flushed 3.2 times per person, per day, (source) we’re looking at A LOT of perfectly good drinking water getting literally flushed down the toilet every day.

If we want to break down the numbers it’s actually about 182,400 litres of water every day (or 6 swimming pools) if only one person used a public toilet. Give it one year and that’s 66,576,000 litres of water every year being flushed (or approx 2,220 swimming pools a year). In all likelihood these are very conservative numbers and there’s more water than we know being wasted in the driest continent on earth (apart from Antarctica).

We believe there’s a better way to go… literally!

Here at Ecoflo, we believe there’s a better way for councils and governments to meet the public restroom requirements of their constituents along with helping to conserve water and save our planet a little bit each day.

A council looking for a commercial toilet solution or a solution for remote public restrooms should be looking at composting toilets as a viable option. Not only are these types of systems low maintenance, they’re perfect for areas where there’s little or no town water, they can be installed quickly and easily and we have large capacity tanks that can handle up to 20,000 visitors a year.

Commercial toilets that use no water

If councils, sports grounds, schools and other areas where public restrooms are needed are serious about helping our communities save water, our commercial composting public toilet solutions use no water, very little electricity (that can be run on solar power if needed) and are safe, clean and easy to install. They’re the right option for a planet and a country that needs to embrace more eco-friendly public restroom solutions.

Why Choose Ecoflo?

Not only do we have Australia’s largest range of composting toilets and buildings to surround them, we have the knowledge and expertise to assist clubs, councils and government bodies to obtain and install a complete wastewater solution.

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