Should there be a smell coming from the outside exhaust fan of a composting toilet?

Composting toilets, when maintained properly shouldn’t be giving off any aromas or smells. When you walk into your bathroom there’s no reason you should be smelling waste or anything that seems a little ‘off’ as if your composting toilet is maintained properly, the waste should be somewhat dry and any smell from the composting pile should be headed out your exhaust fan and into the atmosphere.

 If you’re outside your outhouse, cabin, house or shed where your composting toilet is installed and you can tell there’s a distinct smell around the area of the exhaust fan, this is pretty normal as all smells from the composting toilet are pushed up through the exhaust outlet by the exhaust fan and this lets smells and water vapour evaporates into the atmosphere.

Note: All houses in and around Brisbane with traditional plumbed-in toilets will have an escape vent above toilets to let smells escape. If you take a whiff of these vents you will soon realise that ALL homes with toilets let a certain amount of waste smells escape from their exhausts or vents.

If you find that the waste smell is overpowering or getting a little too strong it’s worth noting that all exhaust vents should be at least 600ml above the roof of your dwelling so the first place to start is to double-check the height of your exhaust pipe.

If your pipe is the regulation height you can extend the pipe to enable smells to reach a higher altitude before escaping into the atmosphere. This can be a particularly handy tip if you live in an area where there’s little natural airflow (like a gully for example).

Ultimately there’s always going to be some smell coming out of the vent above your composting toilet system but if it’s too strong or something doesn’t seem to be right, it might be worth giving us a call on 1300 138 182 and we can give you some advice, hints and tips about what you can do.