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The benefits of installing prefab amenities buildings and public toilets

When it comes to bathrooms, every home, building, project space or areas where people gather needs one. They’re often seen as one of those necessity buildings that are a ‘must have’ therefore only need to be utilitarian, sparse and useful.

This being the case they’re sometimes added almost as a second thought to a project and therefore added after many major elements of a project has been considered. Many companies are looking for a modular, prefabricated bathroom building that can be put almost anywhere, built quickly and doesn’t cost a fortune to install.

With these requirements in mind, Ecoflo has developed a range of prefabricated toilet blocks that will suit a wide range of situations. Campgrounds and Caravan Parks, Road Stops, Parks, Churches, Businesses, Mining Sites or pretty much anywhere where an outdoor building is needed for an amenities block.

About our Prefab toilet buildings and why they’re a little… different.

Getting a prefabricated toilet building that not only suits your budget, the users need and the environment it’s going to be built in can be a tricky thing to manage. Here at Ecoflo we try to make that process easier by providing toilet buildings that are:-

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to maintain
  • Come with a wide range of composting toilet options
  • Meet Australian standards
  • Won’t corrode
  • Won’t rust
  • Fire resistant 

We make our amenities buildings from fibreglass reinforced plastic building materials which are strong, lightweight, won’t rust or corrode (so perfect for areas near the ocean) and won’t require any special tools to install.

What are the benefits of prefab toilet buildings?

There are many benefits to installing an amenities building that’s prefabricated. The first thing you will notice, there’s no waiting around for building materials to arrive as everything is delivered flat packed and ready to go. This means you can get on with the job of installing the toilet building and have it up and running quickly and efficiently. This also means you don’t need to have tradespeople or installers waiting around on-the-clock for additional materials as everything they need to get the job done comes in the one shipment.

The other benefit is that because our buildings are easily combined with our wide range of composting toilets, these buildings don’t need to be ‘plumbed in’. If you combine our buildings with a water tank and solar electricity they quickly become incredibly environmentally friendly and almost entirely self-sufficient.

Our buildings are highly configurable and customisable

Our prefabricated amenities buildings can be customised to suit the specific requirements of the area you intend to install. When you choose to build with Ecoflo you have access to Australia’s largest range of composting toilets and solar accessories to include in your amenities building.

If you have specific requirements centred around accessibility, build time, build type, materials or environmental impact, talk to us on  1300 138 182 and one of our experts will be more than happy to talk with you about your requirements.

In the spirit of reconciliation, Ecoflo Wastewater Management acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of this Country. We pay our respects to their Elders past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today. 




Ecoflo was the first company in Australia to sell composting toilets certified to the rigorous quality testing of Australian Standards. If you want to be certain your composting toilet has adequate capacity and is safe, you need a waterless composting toilet certified to the tough performance criteria of AS/NZS 1546.2:2008.

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