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In 1971 Hardy Sundberg of Sun-Mar™ developed the world’s first self-contained composting toilet. For the first time a self-contained toilet could be put in a bathroom and would evaporate liquids and compost solids.

Our systems come as a complete package ready for installation as per the prices quoted on this site. You will receive every component you need to complete the installation except pipe brackets and gravel which are cheaper to purchase/source locally.

Every living organism consumes nutrients and creates waste. To transform waste back to nutrients and complete this cycle, nature uses the processes of decomposition and evaporation. As is often the case, nature seems to be doing business in the best way possible.

The waterless and micro flush toilet pedestal are designed to be cleaned less often than a standard 4-6L flushing toilet. The micro flush pedestal has a self-cleaning ball valve that generally takes care of the job for you. Cleaning of the toilet seat itself is done with a natural cleaning product called Nature Flush. The product's enzymatic action also helps compost break down and eliminates odours. 

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