Bulking Agent Program

Ecoflo has determined that a small percentage of the CM LP compost mixers functionality may have been compromised if you have been using sugar cane mulch. The mixer has been designed to be thin to knock down the compost pile, the bulking agent that has been supplied for last batch, has caused issues with breaking down the pile, due to the long straws of mulch being caught in the mixer blades.

CM LP may exhibit one or more following behaviours:

  • Hard to rotate
  • The mixer has been bent
  • Compost pile breaks down slowly

To address the issue, we have introduced new bulking agent ‘Mini Hemp’, the most sustainable mini hemp bedding for our composting toilets.

The mini hemps are finer grade. These small fibres make it easier to break down the pile with the mixer. We have conduced in-house testing that proved the mini hemp bedding absorbs up to 12 times more liquid than straw, and 4 times more than plain wood shavings.

Eligible models


Additional Information

If you believe your composting toilet was affected by this issue, please contact us to discuss further we will also supply a complimentary 12L pack of mini hemp.

Information as of 2020-07-21