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Clivus Multrum™ provides domestic and commercial waterless composting toilets that are environmentally smart and cost-effective. Clivus Multrum’s range of composting toilets are Australian Standard approved, cost-effective and easy to maintain.

Our range of Clivus Multrum™ toilets are safe for use in homes, buildings, sheds, parks, offices, off-grid homes, tiny houses and holiday houses all across Australia. They use no chemicals and have no polluting discharge.

Plus installing a Clivus Multrum™ composting toilet can save up to 60,000 litres of water per year in the average home and cost far less than regular treatment systems.

For over 40 years Clivus Multrum™ has been designing and manufacturing waterless composting toilets for the Australian market. Originally developed in Sweden in the 1930’s, Clivus Multrum™ composting toilets were the first composting toilet designs in the world to find commercial success.

With over 40 years of proven reliability, Clivus Multrum™ toilets are one of the best choices for an environmentally conscious community.

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