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Residential Toilets

The Ecoflo range is the most appealing because of the following features:

Flexible & Expandable Capacity

Why buy something that is too large for your current needs? Ecoflo offers the opportunity to start with a low-cost small scale unit and expand capacity later without needing to buy a whole new waterless composting toilet.

Easy to Install

Relative to the type of home construction and space available, many of our competitors’ products are large and cumbersome. Ecoflo offers split systems (composter under the floor) and large capacity self-contained units (the entire unit is above the floor). We have low profile split system composting toilets requiring just 650 mm clearance between the ground and the bathroom floor. Many people prefer the look of a split system. Our footprint under the bathroom is the smallest on the market.

Low Maintenance

Other manufacturers specialise in either batch or continuous process waterless composting toilets. We offer both types plus a hybrid.

Attractive Toilet Pedestals

Unique to Ecoflo are beautifully designed waterless toilet pedestals which resemble the style of “normal flushing toilets”, but without that ugly and wasteful water cistern. We have both classical and modern style pedestals.

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