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The EcoLet™ range of toilets are designed specifically for buildings on concrete slabs, as they don’t require a compost chamber below the toilet room. They are a small, all-in-one unit, ideal for small families, holiday homes, or sheds.

EcoLet™ Toilets are small, attractive models, constructed from durable, easy to clean ABS plastic and non-corroding metals. All models have a compost cover that opens automatically when the seat is pressed down.

When you choose an EcoLet™ you will use no chemicals or water, you will not need a septic tank, and best of all, there is no odour! Instead of polluting our precious waterways, the waste produced from the EcoLet™ is transformed into rich humus for your garden.

Perfect solution!

Where can you use the ecolet

Almost anywhere! The EcoLet™ has been proudly sold in Australia for over 15 years, and is the natural solution for holiday homes, sheds, weekenders, poolside amenities, wherever suits your lifestyle!

Ecolet compost toilets and related products are sold through Ecoflo Water Management and Ecoflo's extensive dealer network. Visit the Ecolet site here -

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