The Swedish made EcoLet™ range of toilets is self contained; designed specifically for buildings on concrete slabs. They don’t require a compost chamber below the toilet room. They are a small, all-in-one unit, ideal for small families, holiday homes, or sheds. EcoLet™ Toilets are constructed from durable, easy to clean ABS plastic and non-corroding metals. All models have a compost cover which opens automatically when the seat is pressed down.

When you choose an EcoLet™ you will use no chemicals, no water,and best of all, there is no odour! Instead of polluting our precious waterways, the waste produced from the EcoLet™ is transformed into rich humus for your garden.

EcoLet compost toilets and related products are sold through Ecoflo Water Management and Ecoflo's extensive dealer network. Visit the Ecolet site here -