The Kazuba is the latest waterless toilet added to the Ecoflo range. This french designed off-grid system has been supplied to remote locations across the world. The system provides waterless waste management with a split-system similar to the Nature Loo but where the treatment chamber is sub-surface. This eliminates the need to raise the toilet pedestal above ground level. There is no need to have an access ramp or stairs with this system which is a considerable cost saving vs other commercial composting toilets.

The system operates as a batch composting toilet where three baskets are housed on a platform within a large evaporation chamber. The chamber is positioned directly below the waterless toilet pedestal and is designed to collect liquid at the bottom. Using Kazuba's patented airflow the baskets are dried and the liquid level in the bottom of the chamber is continually reduced.

Airflow is aided by a wind driven ventilator on top of a chimney made of black UV treated, medium density polyethylene. The black chimney heats up during the day so in addition to wind power the chimney naturally pulls air through the system via heat convection. The urine separation combined with the patented ventilation creates an odourless experience.

The system requires no power to function but solar lighting can be provided for night time visitations.

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