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Ecoflo is a complete wastewater management solutions company. This means we can take your requirements, goals and budget to custom develop a building and waterless toilet solution.

This freedom to take many different components to compile a customised solution means we’re not restricted by particular building types or toilet layouts. This gives you ultimate freedom in a layout and configuration that suits your needs and location.

Total Solution
We provide a complete solution for remote public toilets and restrooms that require an effluent and wastewater management system and building.
Super Fast Installation
Our public toilet block solutions won’t require a plumber and don't need to be plumbed in. This means super fast installation and they’re perfect for remote areas or places where water is scarce.
Environmentally Friendly
Our environmentally friendly public toilet solutions are perfect for parks, road stops or other high traffic public use areas.
Low Maintenance
Less moving parts and easy to construct systems means less maintenance and upkeep for you and your teams.
Large Capacity
A single tank can handle 20k visits per year and the capacity of the system is only limited by the number of tanks, not the availability of water.
Providing Solutions for 35 years
We’ve been providing wastewater solutions in Australia for over 35 years. We know our products and can meet your needs.


Charles Sturt University
Reducing environmental impact was the main goal for Charles Sturt University along with making sure capacity wouldn’t be an issue. Our composting toilets met all of the universitiy’s requirements.
Kata Tjuta National Park
Extreme temperatures (45°C during the summer and -5 °C during winter) and little to no available water along with making minimal environmental footprints on this sacred land meant our composting toilet blocks were the perfect solution.
Espoir School of Life
With no sewage system available, high rainfall and a water table close to the ground, the Espoir School of Life required a commercial toilet solution that would suit up to 260 students in a remote area.  

We are an Australian business located in Brisbane Queensland and have a wide range of public toilet wastewater solutions perfect for remote areas, areas where water is scarse or public toilets that want to be more environmentally friendly.

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Commercial Toilets

Ecoflo supplies a wide range of composting toilets including both domestic and commercial systems. To manage in a commercial setting our systems are designed for durability and have sufficient capacity to meet high volumes of users.

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