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Total Solution
We provide a complete solution for remote public toilets and restrooms that require an effluent and wastewater management system and building.
Super Fast Installation
Our public toilet block solutions won’t require a plumber and don't need to be plumbed in. This means super fast installation and they’re perfect for remote areas or places where water is scarce.
Environmentally Friendly
Our environmentally friendly public toilet solutions are perfect for parks, road stops or other high traffic public use areas.
Low Maintenance
Less moving parts and easy to construct systems means less maintenance and upkeep for you and your teams.
Large Capacity
A single tank can handle 20k visits per year and the capacity of the system is only limited by the number of tanks, not the availability of water.
Providing Solutions for 40 years
We’ve been providing wastewater solutions in Australia for over 40 years. We know our products and can meet your needs.
Because this material is super strong but also incredibly lightweight, it’s easy to transport and move around the project site.
Modular Buildings for Easy Expansion
Our modular approach to toilet buildings means that you can install one or ten components to the same building.


Foxbar Falls – Stanthorpe, Kazuba installation
Foxbar Falls is a newly developed campground located in Queensland's cold country, the Granite Belt. Two-and-a-half-hours from Brisbane, and 15 minutes north of Stanthorpe, Foxbar Falls offers a unique camping experience for families, groups, and travellers to enjoy stunning granite, bush and water surrounds. The public roads are sealed all the way to the property, and a well maintained unsealed driveway allows safe access for all vehicle types.
Low Isles Toilet Building Installation
Product:Clivus Multrum CM 14 Project: Low Isles Toilet Building Installation Location: The Shire of Douglas, QLD When: 2018
Toowoomba second range truck stop
Product: Clivus Multrum CM14 Project: Toowoomba second range truck stop Location:The second range crossing at Toowoomba When: April 2018

We are an Australian business located in Brisbane Queensland and have a wide range of public toilet wastewater solutions perfect for remote areas, areas where water is scarce or public toilets that want to be more environmentally friendly.

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