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Composting toilets for public restrooms, public facilities, roadside stops, national parks


Clivus Multrum composting toilets provide large capacity toilet solutions around Australia.

Completely natural and low maintenance, our Clivus Multrum range of toilets provide an eco-friendly alternative to standard plumbed-in toilets. The perfect solution for remote locations, national parks or locations where water is scarce.

Our range of Clivus Multrum commercial composting toilets use very little energy and can be hooked up to a solar system which means you can have a true off-the-grid solution.

Easy to clean and maintain, our toilets have minimal moving parts and in most circumstances compost only needs to be removed once or twice a year.

Large Capacity
Our CM40 range can handle up to an average of 40,000 visits a year or around 110 visits per day. The CM40 is ideal for medium to high usage public facilities – especially in locations where water is in short supply or difficult to access.
Easy to install
With full instructions included our range of commercial composting toilets are easy to install. Need assistance? We can also provide quotes on installation. Call today on 1300 138 182.
Certified Standards
The CM40 is certified to Australian & New Zealand Standard 1546 and is approved in QLD, NSW, VIC, ACT, NT, SA, WA and TAS.
Continuous Composting
The Clivus Multrum system is based on a “Continuous” composting process in one large chamber. As the organic material decomposes it will reduce in volume by up to 90%.
Environmentally Friendly
The composting process that our range of Clivus Multrum toilets provide is reliable, convenient and safe and are environmentally friendly and ecologically sustainable.
Easy Maintenance
A handful of wood shavings or similar thrown down the toilet every day will ensure the adequate amount of carbon-rich material that composting toilets need. Apart from this all that’s required is to visually check the system from time to time to ensure everything is in order.


ESPOIR School of Life - Philippines
The ESPOIR School of Life started in summer 2016 in Siargao, south of the Philippines. This important school will give children a set of core skills & values that will be useful in everyday life and help them to secure employment once their studies are completed. The school teaches children life skills such as respect, team-work, family, pride, love, tolerance & compassion.
Kanyana National Park - Queensland
Kanyana Park is a lookout point with beautiful views out over Moreton Bay. Approximately 16,000 to 20,000 people visit the park annually. There is only tank water on the site, no sewerage and no electricity so a composting toilet was the most practical and economical solution.

We are an Australian business located in Brisbane Queensland and have a wide range of public composting toilet products, water management solutions and public restroom building products available for both government and private companies.

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