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  • 1. Performance and maintenance +

    1. Performance and maintenance

    Golden Rule #1: Australian designed and Australian tested composting toilets will always perform better. 

    The best performing toilet for your home is one that is designed and tested in your country of origin. Country of origin design and country of origin testing mean toilet systems can be fine tuned for optimal performance in those conditions. That is why Australian designed and tested composting toilets always perform better.

    Did you know imported composting toilets from colder countries such as Europe, America and Canada are usually performance tested in heated cellars and heated bathrooms? While they may perform well under these conditions, there is no guarantee of performance in exposed under floor situations or non-heated bathrooms which are typical in Australia.

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  • 2. Looks +

    Nothing looks and feels better than a ceramic pedestal! We have a wide variety of options that include dry and micro flush ceramic pedestals, fibreglass pedestals with a ceramic look as well as polymarble pedestals.  Just check out our range of materials, designs and colour options.

    Palisade Poly timber

    Pandora white Poly white

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  • 3. Affordability +

    With all the benefits listed above Ecoflo continues to offer the best cost value on the market! When you purchase a system from us we include all the necessary inclusions to get your started!

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  • 4. After Sales Service +

    Ecoflo is owned and operated by Engineers, altogether our staff have over 40 years of combined experience so we really know our stuff and are here to help! 

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  • 5. We are quite simply, awesome – but don't take our word for it! +

    What makes Ecoflo Wastewater Management unique is the fact we've tailored our business to what our customers want. We aim to provide you with all the assistance, advice and information you need to find a product that suits your budget and needs.

    We pay attention to every piece of customer feedback we receive and provide assistance where needed.


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