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The EcoLet™ range of toilets are designed specifically for buildings on concrete slabs, as they don’t require a compost chamber below the toilet room. They are a small, all-in-one unit, ideal for small families, holiday homes, or sheds.

EcoLet™ Toilets are small, attractive models, constructed from durable, easy to clean ABS plastic and non-corroding metals. All models have a compost cover that opens automatically when the seat is pressed down.

EcoLet™ uses modern technology to accelerate and optimise natural biological decomposition, evaporate excess liquid and to exhaust odours and water vapour, all within an attractive home appliance that is easy to use and economical to operate. 

An outline of how to look after an EcoLet™ is given below. This is to give you an idea of what is involved and to assist you in making a decision on the ideal waterless composting toilet solution for your needs. Our team are happy to discuss your specific requirements and associated maintenance needs in more detail, please contact us .

Daily or Weekly

  • Add 1 cup of hummus mixture to toilet after every solid use.
  • Clean toilet fixture using only biodegradable cleaners.
  • Check liquid level in the tube on right hand side of system- if the liquid is evident in tube turn thermostat up one or two notches.
  • Give compost pile a rake around with manual mixing rake.

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