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Nature Loo is a family-owned Australian business that believes in traditional customer service and value for money products. We have been manufacturing eco- friendly on-site wastewater solutions since 1994. They provide the lowest priced, simplest and most reliable sustainable waste treatment systems, with quality assured performance and service.

Our systems come as a complete package ready for installation as per the prices quoted on this site. You will receive every component you need to complete the installation except external piping, pipe brackets and gravel which are cheaper to purchase or source locally.

The moisture content of a compost pile is very important for composting. Below 40%, organic matter will tend to dry out and not decompose rapidly. Over about 60%, not enough air can get into the pile and it can become anaerobic {no oxygen}.

The Nature Loo pedestals are designed to avoid soiling and actually requires less cleaning than a flushing toilet. Unlike flushing toilets that must first catch the waste before flushing it away, the Nature Loo waterless pedestals have tested fall lines to avoid messing the sides. We know that strange things can happen so the toilet is supplied with a bottle of Nature Flush enzyme concentrate and a spray bottle.

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